All members of EPMTA and their students are invited to join Student Affiliate, a program related to the Student Affiliate of the Texas Music Teachers’ Association. Activities and programs offered to Student Affiliate members include:

SA Officers

Composition Contest Ensembles

Theory Test

Publication Contest Chamber Music
Local Recitals Performance Contest World of Music

These activities are sponsored annually by EPMTA for the benefit and enjoyment of our students.  Your member teacher will incorporate a number of these activities into his/her studio plan. Each member teacher needs a minimum of one student member in order to enroll in Student Affiliate.  Students in school grades 1-12, and also Post-12th grade through age 26 may enroll. 


Student Affiliate Officers

and Chairmen

Chairman —- Karol Garmon
Secretary ——- Aurora Aguilar
Treasurer ——- Mark Watts
World of Music ——- Faith Wu-Yapp
Publication Contest ——- Diane Sarrels
Composition Contest ——- Diane Sarrels
Performance Contest ——- Joe Lecher
Theory Tests ——- Diane Morrow & Lauren Martinez
Ensembles ——- Judi Wilkinson
SA Recitals ——- Anna Habicht