When: March 30 – April 26, 2024
Where:  Western Hills Church and Hillside Baptist Church
Entry Fee: $10
Entry Due: March 30, 2024
  All entry forms, fees, and update forms for ALL participants
  must be received on or before April 26, 2024.
Mail to Chairman:
Gloria Flores
825 Turney Drive
El Paso, TX 79902-1820

There will be three options available for the Sonatina Festival Events:
*At-home audition
*Westside Area – (Western Hills Methodist Church) – April 20th
*Eastside Area – (Hillcrest Baptist Church) – April 20th
Westside area coordinator – Faith Wu-Yapp
Eastside area coordinator – Betty Bassuk
Please read the guidelines for each option provided on page 33 of the EPMTA Yearbook.

The annual Sonata/Sonatina Festival is a non-competitive event. 

Any student who can perform one movement of any sonata or sonatina, appropriately selected for his or her level, is encouraged to enter this event.